Become an Elevate Montana Affiliate as a community!

We believe the best way to create real, sustainable, positive change in our families and communities is if the people of Montana own the issues, create the solutions, and enjoy the outcomes. Why? Because this is personal!

…and because it’s personal, shouldn’t everyone in your community be in on the movement?

Sure, there is a tremendous amount of energy, enthusiasm and work going on among the “usual suspects” – child-type serving organizations. But we can’t really create the change we want need in our communities without the entire community being involved and fully engaged!

This movement to elevate the well-being of our children and families is not about an organization – any organization. It’s not about any individual… it’s about all individuals! It’s about every community, every business, every neighborhood, every family. So, how to you engage every one of those people in the movement in your community?

By becoming an Elevate Montana Affiliate!

By spreading the news, spreading the cause, spreading the solutions with a theme that every person can embrace, the prospect of your community being ACE-informed and trauma-informed, and then becoming a healthy, resilient community increases dramatically!

Imagine seeing the Elevate Montana theme everywhere you go in your community! Imagine everyone speaking the same common language of childhood adversity, trauma, and resilience-building! Imagine the collective power of change that would exist in your community!

So, what’s involved in becoming an Elevate Montana Affiliate?

It‘s quite simple, actually. All it takes is a “backbone” organization to be the leader, the coordinator of the movement in your community. Many Affiliate communities that embraced the cause have used their local United Way as the backbone organization. It makes sense since the United Way is plugged into so many local not-for-profits and businesses. But that’s just an example. The backbone organization in other Affiliate communities are the Best Beginnings group, or the local Early Childhood Coalition, or another similar group.

What are the benefits of becoming an Elevate Montana Affiliate? Well, the most significant that it helps unite the entire State of Montana in this cause, with a common identity and language… and collective energy, collaboration, and power! And second, your entire community reaps the rewards of the same things!

All the other benefits of becoming an Elevate Montana Affiliate are listed here. Take a look at them and then contact us to make it happen for your community!

To get started, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to get you set up!

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